Ultimate Not Custom Night 2 - Memories Intertwine

  • This game will be nothing like the first one. This will be a prequel to the first Ultimate Not Custom Night, it will be more story based and the gameplay will be like Sister Location. You will do different tasks each hour against different enemies. (Yes, Its hours now instead of nights.) and make your way up to the office floor. While this is big news, it is not my top priority right now, I will work on UNCN 2 after I’ve had a bit of a rest and finished a few other projects, so don’t expect it for a long time. Here is the first preview:
    Before you ask, yes, the first version will be a public demo.

  • You should have a go at creating an original game, I don't think much people like FNAF.

  • I’ll be trying some original ideas while I’m making this, I’m just gonna have a break first before I start working on it.

  • Development hasn’t really gone anywhere recently and I may just cancel this game altogether, but who knows. Maybe I’ll continue working on this, maybe I won’t. But for now, here’s some information about the levels:

    • Level 1: Storage Room with Withered Jayden, Withered Lennard and Withered Lora.
    • Level 2: Costume Room with Hooded Figure, Pumpkin Man, Melon Man and The Blueberry Men.
    • Level 3: Trading Card Centre with Kori (Weavile), Ashley (Braixen), Meloetta, Sylveon, Lucario and The Sneasels.
    • Level 4: Mirror Room with Dark Jayden, Endie and Boo.
    • Level 5: ???
    • Level 6: ???
    • Level 7: ???
    • Level 8: ???
      I might update this and reveal the other rooms/levels.