It's been so silently on hyperPad recently

  • Users' activity has been really low for last months... I mean, few really interesting projects have been released. That's just sad :(

  • I agree however the Survivalist game (forgot who created it) is amazing in my opinion, maybe an official competition would persuade creators to be more active.

  • Admin

    I think it's due partially to the beta. The usual users who are submit cool projects to the hub are mostly on the beta, but they can't submit since the beta doesn't allow hub submissions.

    Other than that, our community generally has a problem where they don't post or share often (the amount of active users vs the ones posting on the forums or sharing to the hub are very different).
    I'm going to try something once the new version is out. Maybe award t-shirts or other hyperPad swag to users who are active/sharing. I think there needs more incentive to share.

  • That sounds like a great idea!

  • I've been pretty inactive, not so much on forum, still have a look here almost daily, but with making projects, mainly because of uni. Sometimes I get a little bored of my projects when I upload an update to the hub and get almost no feedback. But I don't give feedback on other's either often because a lot of them are not really worth looking at (and also again because of uni).

  • @murtaza Maybe also give some incentive to give feedback to others as well? Wouldn't want everyone just spamming to the hub and no one checking each other's stuff out.

  • I also think that the lack of hub diversity makes people not want to upload projects, i remember seeing something about custom hub pages a while back but haven’t heard anything recently, also small rewards should be to people active in the feedback section of projects or being active on the forums. These rewards could be something small like having your project featured if you comment enough positive feedback.

  • I’d love to participate in a competition or challenge. Never got the chance before :)

  • Getting rewarded for putting out good projects and having a good part in the community would be cool. It'll surely motivate more people, even me.

    But yeah, make sure you balance it out so people can't just spam stuff to get rewarded, but actually sharing good quality stuff. Maybe even just virtual stuff, like achievements/badges/points.

    Currently I'm waiting for the beta to be released publicly so I can create games more efficiently.

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