Ultimate Not Custom Night 4: The End Game

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    “Can anyone hear me? P-please...please help me...i-is anyone else here?” “NO...BUT WE’RE STILL HERE...”

  • Another FNAF?

  • Do what you love, but it would be nice for you to make a different genre game other than FNAF. Personally not a FNAF fan, so I don't play or give any feedback,

  • Just to clear things up, this is the last FNAF project I’ll post to the hub. I’m completely out of ideas of what to make at this point anyway. I’m well aware that people want me to try something different, one problem with that is if I can’t think of or program something else, then this will be the last game I’ll ever post. After this game is finished, stay tuned for info on possible future projects.

  • Stay tuned for the new office!

  • The new office is finished! Any opinions?

  • Main Roster reveal!
    May be smaller than UNCN 2, but the Extra Characters fix that up real good! >:)
    Once you see the behaviours of some of these characters, you’ll truly see why this game is called “The End Game”.

  • Making good progress mweheheheh

  • Sorry there hasn’t been news on the game for the past 20 days, I kinda forgot about it, I’ll try to work on the game whenever I can, but don’t expect much.

  • He’s like Jayden, but- oh he’s mean! He’s a mean guy!

  • Here’s the Extra Roster! Or should I say, EXTRA ROSTERS?!

  • Huh? What’s this?

  • Oh no...OH NOOOOO!

  • I think I’ll just put a list of my progress here:

    Cameras - 100% complete, just gotta program Corrupted Dark Jayden to appear when you pull the monitor down on any camera. Also gotta program the remaining characters which involve the cameras.

    Characters - I would say about roughly 90% complete, gotta make a couple more things before I can consider the Character programming “complete”.

    Menus - I actually haven’t got that far at all into making the different Menus, I think i’ll work on the Menu’s after I’ve programmed all of the characters and beaten 24/20 Mode.

    Character Mechanics - 99%, one of Random Roster characters behaviours may be subject to change.

    Secrets - 0%

    Cutscenes - 0%

    Ending - 0%

    24/20 Mode - N/A (The characters aren’t finished yet.)

  • Your enthusiasm is great, but I don’t understand these games.

    I hope you can use your experience you get from these for something different in the future. You must know Hyperpad pretty well by now! :)

  • Yep, I do. I was a user of Gamepress, not a good one by any means, but it got me started with programming. Now, I’m only getting better thanks to HyperPad and my Computer Science classes in school. This is the last FNaF Proejct I’ll post to the Hub, so if you’re interested, stay tuned for more news.

  • Gamepress was awesome. There was a big community and everything, people created remakes of big video games and people recorded everything.

    The good old days.. 😭

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