Scene/Global UI positioning glitched on iPad Pro

  • I noticed that on my iPad Pro 11 inch, the Scene/Global UI layers cause the objects to be positioned (offset?) incorrectly. This also affects the grid visuals and snapping, as you can see in the video when I switch between Main and Scene UI layer.

    Here's a video, done in a new empty project with all default settings:

    The green object is on the "Main" layer. Red is on "Scene UI" layer.



  • Yeah, happen to me too when I switch to iPad Pro view.

  • Yeah... I was wondering why iPad Pro was acting weird on my project.. Turns out it's a hyperPad bug.

  • I was playing around, tried switching aspect ratios from the iPad to iPhone screen and back.

    It didn't fix anything, but now the hyperPad menu button position is also glitched, and reopening the project doesn't change this back

    (Technically now the hyperPad menu button is shown correctly aligned to the glitched Scene UI objects)

    Also, here is how the grid looks between Main and Scene UI layer. The blue line (start line?) respects the glitched Scene UI position.

    Scene UI layer:

    Main layer:

    Showing glitched hyperPad menu button:

    Play mode:

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