1.26 Now Available on the App Store

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    Start 2021 with the latest hyperPad version that is sure to bring smiles. Over 50 bug fixes & 14 smashing new features, unwrap the latest version today!

    We have fixed major bug issues that have caused crashes in the past. hyperPad now has a smoother experience with the latest iOS updates allowing you to create & share your projects easier.

    We have also added new Behaviours that will assist you in game creation - drawing tools, boolean & more.

    What’s New?

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    Behaviour Updates

    • Follow Behaviours through “Anchor Position”

    • Render Texture Behaviour;
      A blank canvas you can draw on.
      Effects like “Blur” or “Pixelate” are available. Drag into a “Set Behaviour” or “Load Image”
      Draw behavior, shapes, or image into Render Texture.

    • Collisions Behaviour;
      Recreates collisions for an object

    • Math Expression Behaviour;
      Takes in a text field & allows math operations to be added.

    • Boolean Behaviour;
      Perform a Boolean or Comparison Operation

    • Bitwise Operation Behaviour

    • Text Operation Behaviour
      String related functions that manipulate text (i.e. split, insert, search, trim, replace etc.)

    • Secondary Colour Behaviour (e.g. health bar colors)

    • Loop Behaviour now outputs current value for each new option

    • Load Image Behaviour can load from a screenshot, object, render texture, files, camera roll & assets


    • “Hide Graphic toggle” added to “Object Properties”

    • Set Graphic can load from exported value when dragging value on top of Asset Selector

    What’s Fixed?

    • Dismissing the app when keyboard is open
    • Importing multiple images from camera roll
    • Graphics that are imported from files app are imported in the correct order
    • Importing animations, no bouncing effect
    • Loop animation works when chaining
    • Colors set correctly
    • Set background color behavior will now freeze when pausing.
    • Overlay doesn’t pause when pressing the pause button.
    • Overlays are now aligned
    • Objects can now be destroyed after loading an Overlay
    • Screen to object in Overlays no longer moves Scene
    • Collisions work with Comments
    • Scene/Global positioning on iPad Pro 11"
    • iOS 14 alert when editing password; protected behaviors
    • Tab Bar overlap on older iOS devices
    • List is no longer black when adding from Special Objects in dark mode
    • Loading audio from iTunes now works
    • Sound effects playing at various pitches no longer has a “slide” effect
    • Creating particle and sound FX does not crash the app
    • Current time from Get Music Outputs incorrect value fixed
    • On “Load Next Scene” Behavior, the properties now says “Scene”
    • Default value for Load value is now correct
    • Getting an Array from a json string now works
    • Get Array value custom index no longer says get value at 0
    • Array behavior works properly in spawned objects
    • Various array and behavior fixes
    • Various array / dictionary edge case issues fixed
    • Behavior lines are not deleted when panning around
    • Behavior list no longer visible when editing particles
    • Inaccurate Behaviors no longer disconnect
    • Dropbox dark mode
    • Dropbox thumbnails now load
    • Phantom object bug fixed
    • Fixed Position when zooming out
    • Using Set input field for Object referencing no longer causes a crash.
    • Get Object Outputs scale
    • Objects that have no width / height (0 meters) can now be scaled up via Scale By Behavior
    • Propel Object and rotated screen/objects issues fixed
    • Objects will no longer appear on unintended layers
    • Able to edit Object attributes in editor mode.
    • When Selecting Tags and other properties on Objects, the bottom of the panel is now interactable.
    • Empty Objects that are hidden now look hidden
    • Empty Objects can now be skewed.
    • Editing input field with the keyboard will no longer edit the wrong behavior when switching behavior mid edit
    • When swiping to close an interstitial ad in the player, the pause button no longer disappears

    Visit the roadmap or forum for the complete list of bug fixes.

  • @Murtaza said in 1.26 Now Available on the App Store:

    Using Set input field for Object referencing no longer causes a crash.

    Was this fix already implemented in the latest beta version?

  • @Murtaza

    The new update has destroyed very much!
    You can't delete or duplicate scenes. You can also no longer copy and paste things because then the app crashes! Backups can no longer load because the app crashes then too! The Hyperpad Viewer app you can also no longer use because the app always crashes when you want to open a game! I can no longer develop my game because all the errors prevent me from doing so! Very sad because months of time were invested in this game! The app will be deleted and no longer used until everything is fixed because you can not develop a game. Used iPad Air 2 14.3, iPhone XR 14.3

  • Admin

    @Dave007 we will be submitting a hotfix update as soon as possible.

  • @Hamed Thank you very much!

  • I’m getting crashes when I try to clone objects or download projects from the hub.

    Also, draw and render texture doesn’t seem, to work? I’m using get position. Also, “undo” doesn’t work.

  • Admin

    We've just put out a beta.

    If you're having any issues still with the beta please post them in the bug forum and mention that it is with the beta.

    You can get the beta release here

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    @TutorialDoctor said in 1.26 Now Available on the App Store:

    I’m getting crashes when I try to clone objects or download projects from the hub.

    Also, draw and render texture doesn’t seem, to work? I’m using get position. Also, “undo” doesn’t work.

    Can you try the beta and see if your issues are resolved?
    We haven't received and reports on the draw/render to texture.not working. @RobinsonX even shared some videos using it.

  • @Murtaza Hi. I downloaded the beta and the issues are fixed. Thank you! Do you have a link to that tutorial?

    I do think that a youtube channel with tutorials on the behaviors would be a good idea. Every time a new feature is released, a simple tutorial could be created.

    P.S - but I guess you already do that...

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