What kind of progression do you prefer?

  • I’m curious as to the type of progression you guys prefer - specifically in casual mobile games that are designed to be played in quick bites.

    To be more specific I’m thinking, permadeath games such as Flappy Bird, Temple Run, Downwell, Dead Cells, etc.

    • Do you prefer games that offer permanent upgrades as you play that make you more powerful in your next run?

    • Or maybe temporary upgrades that you acquire during a run that are lost upon death?

    • Maybe you prefer games that rely entirely on your mastery of mechanical skill and offer no game-changing upgrades at all? Perhaps nothing more than some cosmetics so you have something to show for the time you’ve put in.

    This isn’t really for anything specific, I just wanted to hear what you guys think!

  • Actually, kind of feels like I’m just asking “roguelike or rogue-lite?” lol

  • I usually prefer upgrades that are permanent as it is frustrating if you die and loose everything.

  • I like the first option. :) We put work in, we get rewarded for it -- gameplay becomes more fun and dynamic.

  • Very understandable. I assumed that would be the general consensus as that seems to be the more popular structure used in games.

  • @bosswave Depends on the game, but I’m fond of option 1 and 2 for mobile games

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