RobinsonX (Game ChangeLogs)

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    Working on the UI. 👍

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    Check out my submission to the Halloween Game Jam! It's currently a W.I.P, need some work and suggestions from users. 👍

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    Obstacles now emit a faint glow of red to make it easier for them to spot.

  • 🚀

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    Check out my 3D project! 😄

  • This reminds me of how I was going to update my 3D because I thought I found a more efficient way to do it, then gave up because I realised it actually ended up being the same before. I didn't have perspective though yet, and I think I might know another way to do it if I can be bothered.

  • I've started my 3D project from scratch and updated it. Check out my new and improved 3D project! 😄

  • I branched your 3D and became confused. How are you calculating the positions of the points without sine and cosine? I think maybe I have a tiny idea of how you're doing it but I only have a guess at the moment.

  • @Aidan-Oxley I use the Calculate Direction behavior, which is simply Sine and Cosine put together. I've figured Sine and Cosine is used for calculating direction, so I've used the Calculate Direction behavior.

    For the horizontal position, simply calculate the angle from the point to the player and take the x_vector. Imagine a top down view. (This is a huge simplification, there's some other things involved)

    For the vertical position, take the distance from the point and the height of the player and point. Imagine a right triangle, the bottom leg is the length of the distance, the other leg is the difference in height and the hypotenuse has the vertical angle from the player to the point. Now we can take the y_vector and use that for the vertical position.

    Notice that the horizontal and vertical axises are perpendicular to each other.

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  • Does this mean to use calculate distance/direction you need multiple simulation kind of things running in your game for those two different planes?

  • @Aidan-Oxley Yeah.... Currently trying to find an easier and less laggy way of rendering 3D. Once the rendering system is fixed, it's just a matter of waiting for the new bitmap feature to come out.

  • I'm still having issues with the how the rendering system works, because sometimes the points stretch out too much or something like that.

  • If I can motivate myself, I'll keep working on mine cause it works well on any rotation, just doesn't have perspective yet, and maybe it could help.

    You seem to be having a similar problem to what I used to have when I first tried to make 3D like 3-4 years ago, rotate horizontally and it's fine but rotating vertically messed it up.

  • New minecrafty styled project on the line!
    Try out the beta. ;)

  • You can now play it on the hub!

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    I'm working on this. This requires a lot of server-side coding.

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    This is what I've done so far. You can already tell what's gonna be in my project!

  • You can see live updates on my project right here!

  • Working on a new project that allows users to create their own server and deploy it directly from their mobile device. (If you know what that means.) In short, people can make their own URL that they can permanently use forever for free. (Of course, you can make multiplayer possible!)

    Here is a preview:

    If you want to know more about the project, you can join our fan-made hyperPad server. (Hamed and Murtaza are in it! 😱)

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