Where we came from...

  • You may have been a hyperPad user for a long time or maybe just stated now but I do feel that it’s nice to remember where you started from. Remember that time when you downloaded hyperPad or gamepress and had no idea what you were doing and now think about what you are working on and the things you learnt throughout the years. Everyone has a story from when they started and where they are now and I think it would be nice for the hyperPad community to share their story to others. I think it’s inspiring for new users who once might have their own story to share. Just saying that I’m not forcing you to write your story. You may not feel like sharing it and that’s totally fine.

  • I don't have much of a story on my hands... I used to be a fan of GamePress, and when Hyperpad first came about, I kind of just forgot about it. I came back about a year later, and I started developing again. Eventually, I got better, and at one point, during Summer, I spent almost all day on Hyperpad. That was last Summer and just this Summer, I released Infinity Square to the App Store. Now THAT, that was the hardest part!

  • What about you, @DGames135 , what's your story?


    I like things that bounce. hyperPad has Chipmunk. A perfect excuse to explore its inner workings.

  • Got GamePress in year 8 or 9 high school (bout 5 or 6 years ago), maybe it was app of the week or something. Learned how to use that then came out hyperPad 🙂

  • Exactly, what about you @DGames135 ? What’s your story?

    I’m sticking to about me: always been fascinated by programmers, came across GamePress accidentally in 2013 and I thought uauuuu this is mind blowing, this is my chance to be a programmer one day ... since then I keep playing with it but hey I learned a few more things about programming. It is my all times favourite app I ever installed or seen.

  • I found hopscotch on the App Store 3 years and 1 day ago. I just looked and found my first game lol.
    Then over 2 years ago, I wanted something with more capabilities, and found Hyperpad!
    It has to be my favorite app, and pretty much all my other apps have to do with Hyperpad(like drawing apps and image editing apps).
    It’s pretty much all I do with my iPads.

  • On summer 2013 I saw a post about Gamepress in social net, got interested and downloaded it. I have never seen something like that, so was really interested. I released several games there under the 'KapitanPozitiv' nickname. Mostly they were primitive scrap with Gamepress assets. Then got skilled a bit and started developing remastered (and really good) edition of my first Gamepress game, Project Zombie. Later I found hyperPad, but didn't" want to use it because it was inconvenient to me for the first times and I still had to finish Project Zombie. Then Gamepress Arcade got discontinued, and I dropped developing Project Zombie and finally moved to hyperPad. So now I'm here.. Doing some useless stuff.

  • I really like all your stories to be honest.

    Now about mine. Yes I am writing one of course but I can’t finish it this week or the bect as I am bombarded with tests and need to revise and the rest of the time ai’d rather spend on developing Switch. Sorry for the inconvenience but I hope you understand

  • The story of @DGames135 is: student, busy with schools exams and chicks, sometime using hyperPad to make my the iPad useful or cause is awesome, he starts stuff like this post that he never get to finish (hope you'll finish school). And the most important part is that he is developing Switch, the greatest, best most complicated game ever created on his iPad.

    "Sorry for the inconvenience but I hope you understand" - we totally do

    There you go ... would of taken probably 5 min. of your free time.

  • @CAnesia well thanks for a resume of my life and no nothing about the chicks but because I like to write everything in absolute perfection I decided to write my story like a novel. 😁

  • My story started when gamepress went free back in god knows when.

    Joined the forums to ask about a circle of behaviors that wasn't executing (oops).

    Don't think I've ever finished a project.

  • I remember the time where you could crash your GamePress game really easily by setting mass to something negative.

  • I think I got into creating games about 5 years ago or so.
    I got my first iPad about that time, and tried to look for development software, and found GamePress.
    I think I used it for about 2 years, and I tried using Hyperpad, and by that point, it was nowhere near as advanced as it is now, with is why I didn't use it until 2016
    My first ever game was cringe. I'd rather not say lol.
    But my old account name was (I think) Badgerbrod or something like that.
    Then when I joined they HP community, my name was MISFIT. (To be honest, I'd rather have kept that name, since Cyberdeath isn't... Great?)
    I've also never really finished a project either. I was too eager to get my idea out there and get the boring stuff out the way. I kinda stopped that after my last game. I don't really remember what it was though...
    Anyway... I've talked for way too long now.
    Plus this forum is quite old..

    Oh well.

  • Wowies, stories are very motivative...

    Keeping mine a bit short..

    Started learning basic coding at Elementary school, wanted to do some at home since it seemed fun, downloaded gamepress and experimented with behaviors, then HyperPad came by and I installed it. And here I am, doing whatever, having fun. :)

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