[CANCELLED] Five Nights at Freddy's: Diner Massacre

  • i am producing (probably) my last Hyperpad game and will upload it early this year as I am unable to continue using hyperpad on such a slow device. this is why I got a laptop and started to search for other game creating softwares as similar to this as possible, but haven't found one just yet, if it does exist.

    the game will be a fan game of the FN@F series and will have no backstory, or any sort of lore.
    the games premise is to survive 5 nights in a haunted diner and keep the game as simple as that. I am looking for voice actors as I go along with this game, but have not found any as of 25/12/17. if you want to help out, please dm me or comment on this thread.

    the actual game itself isn't even 25% finished as there is a long way to go. so far, ive nailed how the game will go down, but I'm still having to mess about with behaviours as I am still exploring some of them even though ive been creating for hyperpad for almost 2 years (oops)
    the things I have so far are;
    an office with a working door and a motivating, calming poster ;)
    a scary amalgamtion of Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Foxy and Toy Chica!
    isn't completely made out of 16-bit sprites like my games before this (theres one or two 16- bit sprites animations, but nothing major.)
    iPad Mini 1 and up can support it as it doesnt have to load so many 16-bit sprites as it usually does,
    a few good mechanics that involve sudden movements, like from the first game, but different(ish?)
    that's about it so far.
    see you in January for the next update, reader


  • hello, reader.
    game has been ported to Laptop/PC Devices running intel Core i3/pentium 3/Core m3 and will be available for free during/after Summer 2018. i need to redo everything. basically, i had to start over as Hyperpad couldn't physically handle the amount of CPU Power the game relied on, so i decide to port it to WINDOWS ONLY devices (Excluding Windows/Nokia phones)
    the game was crashing all iPad Mini devices, and on every iPhone before iPhone 8 and iPhone X, so i used my own creation software and coded the game in Javascript (for easier nights & A.I.) and C++ (for harder A.I.)
    the game runs pretty smoothly on the google phones using javascript, however, but not too well on iPhones... I dont think iPhones can run javascript/HTML5 in apps unless its linked to Safari.
    anyway, its coming, but later than anticipated, and not on iDevices.

    if anybody doesnt understand tech speak,
    iPhones/iPads dont run the game, whereas Androids do using Java, Java being a type of code to run applications. Long story short, stop using iPhones, and use android :)
    they aren't as expensive, and their cameras are much better. Don't pay an extra £350/$400 for a brand

    thank you for reading.

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