Mad Bouncer

  • I don't want to reveal much till I release the game but here's some sneak peek. I want to know If the game looks interesting and what can I change for the best experience.1_1476908806458_IMG_3024.PNG 0_1476908806456_IMG_3022.PNG

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    Looks interesting. Can't say too much, since this looks like one of those games you need to play and experience.

    One thing I can see from the screen shot, I would move your Next/Back buttons. First, I would swap spots, so it is back then next. Maybe even move them to opposite sides of the screen. Another idea, add some border or something to make it feel more like a button (take a look at 9 slice objects in the Asset Shop)

  • @Murtaza Thanks for the support. I know about 9slice but didn't think about using it. I will take the feedback in consideration. Thanks. :tada:

  • I hope that I'll release the game tomorrow but I don't know if I can. I will try but some critical bugs just came in at finishing world 1 that cause crashing even when opening the game. I've made a poster for the game to maybe give some hints at what the game is about. 0_1477691194833_IMG_3044.JPG
    Sorry about bragging but I'm really excited about this game and hopefully everyone will enjoy.

  • Well It's time for another teaser so. I decided to change the game platform for easier editing and resizing but I don't know which to chose so I will give the decision to you or you or that guy over there1_1482348534073_IMG_3294.PNG ![0_1482348534069_IMG_3291.PNG]0_1482348608952_IMG_3289.JPG

  • @DGames135 I kinda liked the old platforms better.

  • @Aidan-Oxley yeah but is you think about it all the game was simple designs and the platforms had a bit too much detail. Plus it help me with my resizing problem a lot. It has become an easier thing to do.

  • Ok so I need to make a very important decision but I don't kniw what to do. I don't know if I should continue developing Mad Bouncer or create another game so I created a poll

  • @DGames135

    In all honesty, I don't believe this is a very constructive way to go about this. I really shouldn't be one to talk as I know myself to be too quick to leave a project behind to pick up a new one, but if you're going to abandon a project, I believe you should brainstorm a few ideas first.

    Try not to go for your first idea, too! I like to grab a notebook and sit down and write out a bunch of unique game mechanics or new approaches to an established type of game that works. Basically what I'm getting at is that instead of asking "should I make something new?", you should try and ask "should I make a project involving (X)?".

    I also want to say that once you figure out what project you would like to start working on it, try not to jump right into it! Create some mock-ups and keep brainstorming potential game mechanics you could implement to really make your game stand out. I find this is a good way to keep a game pretty well organized as you're connecting certain behaviors while keeping other elements of your game in mind. Who knows? You might even end up thinking of a better game idea while working on mock-ups and game mechanics and be able to abandon it (or save it for later) before you even start it lol.

    I'd like to apologize for all this text lol. I'm not usually one to give advice as I tend to think I'm not great at it, but when I do I get really into it. I haven't had a chance to play your Mad Bouncer game as I've taken a short break from hyper pad with the holiday season making work my number one priority, but I'll get around to playing it soon and try to get ya some feedback.

    Good luck!

  • @DGames135 Mad Bouncer was an amazing game that lots of people enjoyed but it's not the sort of game that requires 'updates' for new features and that's why players didn't think as much of it quickly. My suggestion is to focus on a new game and if you want it to stay famous for a long time make sure to update it often (1/week) but make sure each update contains an AMAZING new feature to want players to continue to play the game. Look through the hub, find the most liked/featured game then recreate it but change it greatly and prep it so that you can easily add Awesome features in later updates! Good Luck the choice is yours 👍

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