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  • RE: RobinsonX (Game ChangeLogs)

    Love seeing the progress of this. We're actually working on a tutorial to create a multiple game. It should hopefully be out in a few weeks. It'd be really cool to see this as a multiplayer deathmatch style game :)

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  • RE: Hyperpad is not working offline in iOS 12! Help!

    Don’t worry. We’re not removing the offline mode.

    This is only a bug that is affecting some users. We’ve already fixed some bugs with offline for the next update and have done some testing to make sure it’s ok. Obviously we can’t predict weird situations. But we’re confident that offline is working in the next update.

    We’re planning on submitting to Apple some time next week.

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  • RE: It's been so silently on hyperPad recently

    I think it's due partially to the beta. The usual users who are submit cool projects to the hub are mostly on the beta, but they can't submit since the beta doesn't allow hub submissions.

    Other than that, our community generally has a problem where they don't post or share often (the amount of active users vs the ones posting on the forums or sharing to the hub are very different).
    I'm going to try something once the new version is out. Maybe award t-shirts or other hyperPad swag to users who are active/sharing. I think there needs more incentive to share.

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  • RE: HyperPad Crashes During Animations and Cloning

    Yup got that as well!

    I’m fairly certain we tracked down the animation crash. It should be fixed for the upcoming 1.21 update.
    @Hamed can you verify?

    As for the drawing/flickering bug, still working on it. Not 100%sure if it will be part of 1.21 or not.

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  • RE: HyperPad Crashes During Animations and Cloning

    Thanks got it! Well take a look and if we have any questions will stay in touch either here or reply to your email.

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  • RE: Hyperpad is not working offline in iOS 12! Help!

    @aries29 said in Hyperpad is not working offline in iOS 12! Help!:

    I really hope you can put a simple online and offline toggle switch in the app so teachers or anyone who intend to use it offline won't find it annoying that the moment they open hyperpad, the thing would initially check something online first and by the time it fails to connect, it doesn't allow you to literally open anything...not even your natively stored projects. this should not be like this sir murtaza. it should have the ability to "reliably" work offline when it has to.

    Toggle switch is unlikely. The purpose for online mode is for project security. For more serious users they want to make sure their projects are safe from other users tampering with them. So hyperpad requires an internet connection to validate projects.
    For developer users the validation is done on connecting.
    As for reliability, sometimes apps have bugs. We try to make sure everything is bug free and do extensive beta testing. But sometimes things sneak through or go unnoticed. Offline is tricky since there are many variables and different causes/ways of being offline. All of which can give a different outcome.

    I’m hoping to have the next update out before November, as long as no major bugs are reported during the beta. . But no promises so I can’t give exact dates.

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  • RE: I’m a developer but hyperpad marks me as student?

    That’s weird. Try going to the user settings (drop projects screen open hyperpad menu from buttonnin too left corner then press the gear icon) then select restore purchases

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  • RE: HyperPad Crashes During Animations and Cloning

    What do you mean drawing app? Are you using spawn to create a pen like function? If so this is very resource intensive. Depending on the size of the graphics this could be why it’s crashing.

    Can you send a same project that includes both crashing situations to

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  • RE: Hyperpad is not working offline in iOS 12! Help!


    New update is coming soon. Don’t have an exact date. But we’re wrapping up beta testing.

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  • RE: I need advice

    Well by default, each meter in hyperPad is 32points (32 pixels, or 64 pixel for retina). So if you design with this in mind it will be easy to snap your tiles together.
    You can of course change this when creating your new project (it's the PTM - Pixel to Meter- setting.)

    Ideally, you want to create your graphics for retina first. Meaning 2x the resolution. When importing hyperPad will automatically create a standard resolution for you (cutting the image resolution in half)

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