Double tap

  • I want to know how to make a double tap like a double click (example: fnaf3 sealing vents)

  • @DGames135 ah, that's easy. The following behavior sequence:

    Started touching>behavior on "started touching1">behavior on "wait"

    Started touching1

    behavior off "started touching1"

    Wait (.5 sec)

    behavior off "started touching1"
    behavior off "wait"

    I haven't actually tested this out but it should work! :)

  • @Mlkpad14 thanks I'll try it tomorrow

  • Since it's still marked as unsolved, here's a visual version of what GameCRAZY said (but I replaced behaviour on/off "wait" with just connecting the wait):0_1474323480861_image.jpeg

    The only potential problem with this (depending on the game you are making) is that any taps after this within the time period will reset the wait, meaning that triple tapping will activate the double tap twice, and quadruple tapping will activate it 3 times instead of twice. To fix this, you can turn off the first tap after tapping it and turn it back on when the time expires or when the double tap is activated. This results in 2 double taps after tapping 4 times:
    If you want to add behaviours for just a single tap, you could use behaviour on and off for a single tap event bundle, causing it to only activate when you tap once but not twice:
    Note that the time period to double tap can be changed by changing the 0.25 seconds of the wait to something else.

  • Thanks!!!

  • @DGames135 one small mistake I made, the "behaviour off5" wasn't necessarily supposed to be in the double tap event bundle. It doesn't affect it, but I meant to put it directly connected to "Tap2".

  • @DGames135 are you still having problems or does this work for you? If you're happy with the response, can you mark it as solved?

  • @Jack8680 is not that I'm not happy. I just like seeing people's ideas