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  • RE: Some fantasy game assets

    Yeah most of the assets are just PNGs, so you can import them into hyperPad easily!

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  • Some fantasy game assets

    Humble bundle just launched a new game dev asset bundle. Great opportunity to get some amazing professional graphics for your next game.

    If you don't know what humble bundle is, it's a site that has packs of games (and in this case game assets) for sale at a pay what you want price. These bundles are only available for a limited time so if you want them you got to act quick!

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  • RE: Polybius

    Looks really cool. Cant wait to see this in the hub so we can play it :)

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  • RE: This app crashes way too often... :/

    Often times the crashes are a result of how your behaviours are connected. Since hyperpad gives you a lot of power to create, it can even give you the power to cause a crash if you’re not careful.

    If you share the project here as suffice can see what’s going on.

    To do that press the ... icon on the project, then select email download link. That will open an email, copy the link and paste it here.

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  • RE: Some Hub Changes - Probation period & Projects Under Review

    @aidan-oxley said in Some Hub Changes - Probation period & Projects Under Review:

    Hopefully the hub becomes more active so that this will work out well.

    Preparations for the future? :)
    If you remember the old GamePress days it was very active (thousands of daily users). But it was sort of the wild west. We've tried pretty hard to avoid that situation with hyperPad, and we feel we're almost ready to start growing the community.

    Will definitely be focusing on some community growth this year though. Have some larger contests and challenges planned as well.

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  • Some Hub Changes - Probation period & Projects Under Review

    Just like to let everyone know about a small hub change that is now live.
    All new users (anyone after Jan1st) are automatically set to a probationary period where any project they submit will have to be approved by the community before showing up in the New section of the hub (and hot).

    If the project does not get approved after 30 days, then it will automatically be removed from the hub.

    Projects can be approved by any Enthusiast or Developer user. Each project must receive a certain number of approvals before it is accepted for the hub.

    You can see the projects that are "Under Review" by scrolling down to the Newest Projects section and tapping "Under Review".

    Additionally, if you are already approved and submitting projects that are useless, incomplete, or just not int he spirit of the hub then you may end up under probation again.

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  • RE: Feature Request

    @aidan-oxley said in Feature Request:

    Just went and played around with physics, iterations seems to be the main changer of squishyness, but refresh rate also had some effect on the actual physics and lowering it did seem to make physics a little squishier I think (higher refresh rate caused more violent physics explosions when I packed too many objects into a small area).

    #of physics iterations is how many times physics calculations are completed per frame
    Refresh rate is how many frames there are per second.

    They can both control the "squishiness"

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  • RE: The New Hub

    @aidan-oxley said in The New Hub:

    @murtaza This got something to do with hub changes?

    Not with the redesign. It is for an unreleased hub feature though. To combat mass classroom floods, or projects that don't belong in the hub. Basically a different new section where the projects go if they are submitted by users under probation, and projects expire if they're not voted in.

    This is a bug though since I don't believe this is live yet.. @Hamed

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  • RE: The New Hub

    @aidan-oxley yup that will no longer be an issue. Those sort of things will be almost instant.

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  • The New Hub

    Here's something we've been working on. It's a new look and feel to the hub! It'll be native now instead of being only a web view, so it will feel much faster and more snappy.

    We're making it easier to navigate, and focusing on emphasizing the community more.

    Take a look! And keep in mind the design is not finalized, and the content is all placeholders for now.


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