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  • RE: Is hyperPad abandonware?

    @thecheater887 said in Is hyperPad abandonware?:


    Okay! I was just hoping that the lack of forum activity wasn’t reflective of its active user base. Glad to hear that’s not the case!

    The forum has always been a challenge for us. Even during game press when we had wayyyyyy more users (many thousands a day) the forum only had like 20 active people.

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  • RE: What would cause broadcast/receive message behaviors to fail?

    are you on the latest update? I think there were some bugs with these behavioursbthatvwere fixed recently.

    Also are you sure the broadcast and receive are even being executed? Put something like a play sound before each one. If a sound plays then at least you know the logic up until that point is fine.

    My guess is there is some sort of logic error here. Like the receive is happening before the broadcast.

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  • RE: Is hyperPad abandonware?

    Yes. hyperpad is dumb.

    Don’t tell Hamed about it though, he might cry because he and some interns have been working for the last 5 months on the new hub.....

    In case you can’t tell, that was sarcasm. No of course not. Servers went down due to load. They came back up with extra power. They worked as intended.

    If the servers go down for long periods of time send us an email and we’ll see if we can speed up the process.

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  • RE: Newbie. Is there a way to ‘save as’?

    Sorry this currently isn’t possible. Mainly because hyperPad saves as your progress as your working on the project. You’d have to duplicate your project ahead of time.

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  • RE: A standardised default scrolling system (not UI object)

    @jack8680 said in A standardised default scrolling system (not UI object):

    @murtaza do you think importing and exporting behaviours as json be considered "code" by Apple? I have no idea how strict they are with that but there are apps that let you run python and stuff like that.


    I still want a run code behaviour 😛

    Apple is very inconsistent with their rules. Often times if the reviewer likes you, they let things pass.

    They have loosened some things up a little when it comes to this kind of stuff, but still extremely strict.

    I'd love an execute code behaviour, but I doubt that apple would ever let us have that. Thats why we had to move it outside the app with exported projects and broadcast message behaviours. (broadcast message can execute objective C or swift in xcode)

    Where apple gets very strict is when it comes to sharing.

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  • RE: A standardised default scrolling system (not UI object)

    @wildware said in A standardised default scrolling system (not UI object):

    @hamed if we could parent objects and create prefabs, you could let people make stuff like this and publish to the hyperPad asset shop.

    I think it should be possible for someone to make a scrolling system in one object in hyperpad where users can just put all their scrollable objects in a "scrolling" tag, and use attributes for how far they can scroll in each direction.

    I think there are a lot of things that experienced hyperPad users could create for others to import into their projects, like:

    • Alternative physics/game engines, like IWBTG and its many fan games, or Terraria/Minecraft style terrain generation
    • In-game colour picker
    • Game Centre style matchmaking and/or high score lists
    • Level editor/loader that exports/imports json

    This is the direction we want to take. It's also why it takes a while for us to develop certain things. We don't want to rush it and just release features, sure we could add a prefab system "quickly". But it will be a bandaid that doesn't grow with the app and community.

    The end goal is to have things shareable in various ways, while also staying in good standings with Apple (they don't like anything that resembles sharing and executing code).

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  • RE: A standardised default scrolling system (not UI object)

    @kamdroid said in A standardised default scrolling system (not UI object):

    @hamed I guess scrollable UIs are just personal opinions, as I love scrollable inventories whereas other people might prefer pages, if I were to make a big game I'd make this an option in settings.

    Settings like that are also not a good user experience. You should choose one interface and keep it consistent. UI settings should mostly be for accessibility eg. make font larger, colour blindness etc.

    The reason why I've used hyperPad is because it's easy – it does all the boring work for me so I can focus on making the game, and scrolling is one of those boring things which I shouldn't need to spend time implementing myself.

    Should be the case when we have hierarchies. (Mask parent, Drag and drop, lock vertical direction)

    I wish there was an inbetween of Unity and the ease of hyperPad. Hopefully that's what Unity Playground could become one day. For now I can only see hyperPad as a game prototyping tool and making simple games, though that'll probably get better as more features are added.

    Sometimes you just have to choose the best tool for the job. We're proud that our users are maxing out hyperPad to its limits and we're working hard to make it super powerful and also easier at the same time. We're listening to you guys, there's just a lot of stuff to implement!

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  • RE: A standardised default scrolling system (not UI object)

    Just going to chime in here. Scrollable UIs in games are never good. Next and previous pages are always the way to go. Having used Unity’s UI I can personally tell you that it’s not a good user experience.

    We give you the advanced features to create a scrollable UI and you can implement it yourself. What this is waiting on is layer hierarchies, which is something we’re actively building.

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  • RE: A standardised default scrolling system (not UI object)

    @kamdroid said in A standardised default scrolling system (not UI object):

    Exactly. I have no idea why hyperPad hasn't had this from day 1

    We typically prioritize features based on what we think will be used and how they will impact the majority of the community.
    In other words the platform grows with the users. As you guys improve and start needing more advanced things we prioritize features that suite you best.

    That’s why things like arrays, attributes and other more advanced things were added later.

    Also as a developer you need to focus on key elements.
    It’s very easy to fall into feature creep. Sometimes you just need to push a product out and add things later. Or you’re stuck in endless development and nothing ever gets released. Sometimes the hardest thing in development is to say no.

    As for this feature, it’s something we’re planning as part of the UI objects(or shortly after ). Don’t worry it will be more generic and not exactly a UI element.
    The issue is to make it robust and generic we need to do some other additions first (or along side)... like the hierarchy system.

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  • RE: Coming soon 👌

    Looks excellent. Reminds me of the ooooold metal gear games. Before they went 3D, back on the NES.

    Is is a faster paces shooter or slow tactical type?

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