RobinsonX (Game ChangeLogs)

  • Weird... The screenshots are not behaving today. (It wasn't uploading.)

    The new update came out anyway! And there was a typo! Oops. :3

  • 0_1533098422799_72018711-45FF-4E4A-A115-0AE9E32E6CF2.png

    Decorating and implementing new land to explore!
    This is gonna take a while...
    Adding grass everywhere and bushes is going to take up some memory, hope it doesn't break the game performance..

  • 0_1533452535794_0E8ACB7C-7927-4B6C-BE8D-3E90D675AD63.png

    (Sorry for blurry image)

    Doubled the size of the playable map,
    and still running smooth, topping 60 fps! :D

    Possible Upcoming Features...? (Ideas.)
    • Thinking of adding special events throughout gameplay. (Unexpected solar eclipse, lunar event, etc.)
    • People have suggested pets or allies, probably implementing them as flying buddies.
    • New recipes; campfires, and beds to skip through day.
    • Possibly new character animations. (Blinking, sleeping, etc.)
    • Natural weather; monsters could possibly change depending on the weather.

  • Sorry to announce, but I probably won't be on HyperPad as much as I'm used to. High school is coming up over me, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still gonna be on Hyperpad, just not as much as before.

  • @robinsonx Ow man :c Wish ya good luck with 'dis stuff mate.

  • 0_1535107354620_668A74F4-7274-4BCB-AFB5-5D9ADD145E3D.jpeg

    Working on a Battle Royale gameplay? Coming soon?
    Thanks to my friend Nate for this idea! :D

  • I redesigned the model of the player and sort of changed how it works, brand new sprites and animation. :)
    This model will only be in the new Battle Royale gamemode coming soon!

  • And another sneak peak....
    Bullets have new behaviors.

    • Bullets won't be able to penetrate through walls/enemies like they used to do...
    • Bullets now travel at a speed, cool.
    • But bullets won't travel very far (unless using a sniper rifle.) as they slow from air resistance. They usually only travel a thousand meters.

  • @robinsonx cool stuff!

  • @andrey-ghost said in RobinsonX (Game ChangeLogs):

    @robinsonx dude, no way! Pixel art maker by Nikomimi?0_1532970850893_Фото 30.07.18, 21 12 48.png
    Awesome app :) Only 2 cons i'd say, only 1 layer and 32 colors per art limit.. Still, very good app.

    You should try Pixely. Simply the best pixel art program for iPad.

  • @gamecrazy I'll take a look at Pixely, thanks! (:

  • I worked on an AI for bots, seems nice....

  • Looks great!

  • Thanks! Probably not gonna post an update this week though... So here's a sneak peak of what it could look like:

    • I'm finally starting to add customizable UI, you can position your controls to where ever on the screen, they can also be adjusted in size to fit the screen.

    • I'm starting to also add Terrain, scenery and more details would just make the game a better experience, but the project will be using a complex algorithm to minimize how many objects are present, smooth and ease gameplay is possible. (You may notice trees pop out and in the scene.)

    • And I simply added sound effects to just magnify the experience, cool. :3

  • Today, I did some tweaking and improvements...
    I'm usually on HyperPad on the weekends, posting a project update. The 1.2 update is probably going to be released on the next weekend. Stay tuned! :)

    Here's a run-down of what I've added so far:
    Health, the UI element is also customizable in the settings.
    • Customizable shooting controls : Tap Anywhere, Dedicated Button, Aiming Joystick. (Right Joystick)
    PvP : Different weapons deal different damage, players can "kill" an another player.
    • Scenery Objects (Trees) now behave as "minimal graphics" ; scenery objects are only active if you are nearby them. This decreases a lot of lag.

  • It's coming...

    Use your parachute to glide through air, fly away or to the enemy, play your way. ;)

  • 0_1538649759583_A53B55FC-468F-42DB-A34F-B3FA9B4E13E0.png

    Build, destroy, repeat. (Coming soon)

  • Admin

    Love seeing the progress of this. We're actually working on a tutorial to create a multiple game. It should hopefully be out in a few weeks. It'd be really cool to see this as a multiplayer deathmatch style game :)

  • :) For some odd reason, my Survivalist project keeps crashing upon playing it, I'll try to find the cause of it... (I've messed around with the new behaviors which is probably why..)

    And if you were wondering, Survivalist is going into a full overhaul! I found out a way to create a color picker that selects a custom color using the RGB system itself.

    And now that we have object referencing, why not have the player model go in a full makeover? Blinking eyes, moving legs, animations & possibly emotes? (gotta love the new update!)

    Could possibly implement weekly seasonal events, where users can earn special rewards and outfits. ;)

    Don't want to make this too long, so concluding the rest: functioning game matches, realtime multiplayer (if I manage to find a server), new weapons, map overhaul, and possibly custom gamemodes)

    I was bored, so in the meantime, I worked on a new game. Sound is working good! 👌 (Not sure if I'm going to publish it to the Hub soon..)
    And Object referencing makes enemies SO MUCH EASIER to work with! :D

  • Still learning how to use the new behaviors in relation to other behaviors... But wow...

    The player models have been in a full makeover, and the models can be duplicated since Object Referencing is a thing in spawned objects! Awesome!

    30 animating models, 60 fps, with over 300 objects...

    Oh, and the project itself is being remade, so a brand new project will be released instead of an update.