How to do make good joints

  • I have a rag doll person I’m making but I want the bottom half of the leg to be tucked behind the top half, so I ingnored collisions between the two and inserting he too half on top of the bottom half, problem is now I want to be able to make a leg joint that doesn’t need collisions between the two and a way to be able to lock the leg rotation to a point so the leg isn’t able to bend inwards(it’s not how legs work) I tried using a pin attach but that doesn’t stop the leg swaying inwards I know there’s pin limited but I dont know how extactly it works.

  • I’m such a beginner that I am sure I can’t help, but I think it would be helpful if you could post some images. It’s quite hard to really understand what you are doing or trying to do.
    With pictures some of the pros might be able to solve this.

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