How to spawn objects infinitely.

  • imagine big rain drops falling from the sky that can hurt the person below. 2 questions really.

    1. How do i set up the raindrops to start falling after 1 minute into the game
      ( “timers” seem to work exactly like “wait”. If i set the timer it will just repeat it ever minute. Is there a way to set the timer to only run it one time?)

    2. How do i set up the rain to fall down infinitely.
      ( if i put ”spawn on area” within the behavior raindrop layer this will work. However i have no control over this as I would like to off this option at some point and turn it back on again)

    How you can replicate this.

    1. Drag an object into the screen. This will be the raindrop.
    2. Go into the raindrop behavior and add the action “wait” and set it to 1 second.
    3. Under that action put “spawn on area” set it to Spawn on top of the screen and set randomize to 100.

    Tell me how I can turn this off after lets say 30 seconds.
    Tell me how i can turn this back on.

  • @SplitMindGaming Do not put this behaviors in the 'raindrop' object. But it in another object but not the raindrop.

    Set a Timer to how many seconds you want. Connect it to a Spawn in area and select the 'raindrop' object you want. And you are good to go 🤷

    You can manipulate when you want it to stop or not with the Behavior Off and Behavior On thing, you can search it in the search bar if you are on the lastest version or you can find it in the last category ( dark blue ones ). When putting a Behavior Off/On you can select Wich behavior you wanna turn off or on, Wich in this case is the Timer.

  • Yes I have tried this but when i do that it does not spawn infinitely. I also tried putting a loop to see if it will constantly spawn but it doesnt.

  • @SplitMindGaming If you do put a Timer instead and put it in another object's behavior, it should work. Loop is not like a Timer or a Wait, I haven't really understand Loop but it's for another thing.

  • Thanks so I did get that to work. Much better. But I still do not know how to turn it off from spawning when a certain event happens. I tried behavior off and chose “spawn on area” but it doesnt stop the spawning of objects.

  • I just found my answer by turning off both behaviors, the spawn on are and the timer. :)

  • @SplitMindGaming Normally, just getting the Timer off will work, as I said earlier. But if you want it to be like that, it works too ;)

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