is there a way to set this up?

  • I want to make the overlay background completely gone. Im developing a side menu that pops up when clicked and would really like to use the overlays to set this up as it will be much easier to edit the contents from within this popup. But i still want to control my character when this overlay pops up. Is there a way to completely remove the background that comes within the overlay? I can set the opacity to zero but that still wont let me touch anything once the overlay pops up.

  • @SplitMindGaming If you want to still be able to interact with your game, you can't use overlays. You'll need to use layers instead, but I understand how this could be a bit annoying because you need it to kinda be on the UI layer but you already have stuff on that layer and you kinda want it to all be on its own. It would be nice if we could create additional UI layers, but for now your only option is to put the stuff on a UI layer. Another option would be to make a new layer for it and have everything constantly teleport to its place using screen coordinates but that would be kinda silly.

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