Camera manipulation using touch

  • How would I implement camera panning behavior using touch? Something like dragging your finger on a background to pan the scene. Can I tag every object with the same tag and move them all at the same time? Would also like to have the ability to pinch to zoom. Any ideas?

  • @Stanica You can use Move Screen and Zoom Screen. I tried to make a quick example but it's actually kinda hard in hyperPad, I got panning to work fine but zooming makes it a bit complicated.

  • How did you set up panning? I tried having an object the size of my screen and listening for touches on it but I think I got the logic wrong

  • Woot got panning working. Now for pinch to zoom.

  • @Stanica pinch to zoom is really hard to make since we cannot have how many fingers are touching the object. If you try it, I think it will be really glitchy. I recommend making a pannel with zoom in and zoom out icons, and while clicking it it zoom by the amount you want. Are maybe a sort of scrolling icon to zoom in and out ? You can make those with a life bar object.

  • @XxWhiteHearrxX Thanks for the tips

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