I Need Help With Animations

  • Im making a game called “Eek!”. I’m trying to import custom animations for the charaters. I tried everything but I can’t get it right. Right now I’m just using a fly that I got on the assets store. But anyways, can anyone give me a detailed description on how to import them. Thanks!

  • @ItzDrago What’s causing the problem? Importing from the Camera Roll has a lot of issues in the current version of hyperPad (non-beta). After I started exporting art to the Files app and importing them into hyperPad, everything seemed to work out fine.

  • @LinkoGames Yes it’s the imports, I’ll try importing them from the files app and I’ll tell you how it goes. Sorry for the late reply

  • @ItzDrago Use the "Documents by Readdle" app to store your animations in a folder (animation must be a PNG sequence of photos). You can use the "Graphics" import to navigate to your documents folder and select "Select All." This will import all of your frames into hyperpad.

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