How To Market Your Game To Get More Plays

  • Hi guys my name is Jonathan and I currently work for Hyperpad as a marketing intern. I will post here regularly regarding how to market your projects to other people as well as anything else marketing related.

    As fun as it is to create games, I'm sure you all find it rewarding to see other people play and enjoy your projects as much as you do. Here is one thing you can do to promote your games.

    Join indie game development/game development and digital art Facebook group chats!
    These group chats are filled with thousands of other developers sharing their own games. By posting here you expose your games to people who are open to playing new games. You will also get valuable feedback on how they like your game as well as improvements for your next project. These group chats are a great way to meet with like-minded developers that can help you with any other future projects. I actually post some of the games on the Hyperpad hub on these group chats and the feedback I get is really positive!

    Some group chats to join: indie game creators, indie games developer, game developer, Indie Game promo IDG and Game Developers.

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