Using Reddit To Market Your Games

  • Reddit is an amazing platform to market your game on. Reddit is very unique as it gives you, the developer the ability to choose subreddits that are filled with like-minded people that will respond well to your games.

    From a marketing perspective, it is always easier to market a product to groups that are segmented. Furthermore, segmented groups that are specific to your target demographic have a much higher likelihood to respond to your posts. Think of it this way, you wouldn't market mobility scooters to 20-year-olds. Your efforts are much better-spent marketing towards the elderly. The same concept applies here, if you just rely on conventional social media mediums to promote your project chances are it will fall on many deaf ears. It's always better to market towards a specific target market.

    Similar to Facebook, Reddit allows other developers to offer feedback on your work. However, what is special about Reddit is that the community building on Reddit is much higher. Redditors are much more likely to offer their help when asked for it.

    Some subreddits to join are r/Gamedev, r/indiegames, r/gamedevelopment, r/gaming, r/devblogs

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