AppStore Optimization

  • Some of you may have heard of SEO (search engine optimization). For those that haven't it refers to a company's ability to rank highly on search engines when keywords that are related to their business are searched on Google or other search engines. This same concept can be applied to the AppStore, most app downloads are a result of direct searches so your ability to capitalize on this fact will aid you greatly in getting more downloads. Here are some proactive actions you can take to get started on AppStore Optimization.

    Choose Accurate Keywords
    Try your best to choose common keywords that are descriptive of your game when filling in the description box on the AppStore. Your character limit is small so it is important to choose keywords that are descriptive to the function and unique features of your app.

    Get People To Review Your Game
    Most of you are a part of the Hyperpad discord, and for those who are not you should join! So when you do release an app on the AppStore, make sure to let the discord know and get them to review your app. The AppStore tends to rank apps that are highly rated and frequently rated over those that are not. You should also let your friends and family know when you release a game or app because they will be more inclined to play and rate your work.

    Choose The Correct Catagories
    The categories you classify your app in are what determine its ability to be discovered organically. Among these categories be sure to choose the primary category carefully as it will determine whether it shows up in the game section or app section in the AppStore. You can also choose a secondary category and this serves the purpose of specifying the type of app you have. For example, if you created a platformer arcade game the primary category should be within games and the secondary should be "platformer".

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