• I have an extreme problem while working with multiple scenes on a project...

    Scenes will randomly duplicate into other scenes and delete what was previously on them. It's extremely frustrating and forces me to remake scenes countless times again and again. Anyone else have this issue?

  • I don't think I've had this, but I usually don't work with loads of scenes because I don't have many level based games, and the 1 I do I have all the scenes in 1 because I don't like the load time (could add Preload if I wanted to).

  • @Aidan-Oxley Same with me. I don't usually use more than 1 scene in any of my projects, however my current project requires over 10 seperate scenes...

  • @54rush I don't know whether it's the same thing, but I have had before where when you do certain things to scenes (can't remember whether it was adding, duplicating, deleting, renaming, or moving), it appears as though one scene is selected but it is still in another. Are scenes actually being overwritten? Have you tried, as soon as it happens, closing the app completely (double press home and swipe up on hyperPad) and then reopening it? If they are being overwritten, perhaps support can recover them. Make sure you have cloud backups enabled, you can restore from a backup by going to the hamburger bar in the top left and then 'My Cloud Backups'.

  • @Jack8680 Ok. They seem to duplicate/change randomly. I don't see much of a pattern. For example, I'm working on my 2nd scene and my 3rd scene would change into my first scene. No correlation.

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