Clicking on objects in scene

  • Hello,

    I am really enjoying trying to work out HyperPad. I'm a graphic designer with a little web coding experience as well as Flash, etc. but it is taking me a little to get used to how this app all works.

    I'm not sure what I did but now I cannot move or highlight an object on a scene anymore. Ive looked through your documentation and I can't work it out. I'm guessing it is something really simple...

    My game concept is really a glorified interactive book, so I'm just using basic actions, swipe and open next scene type stuff.

    Also I wondered, Is there an acceptable total asset file size that shouldn't be breached?

    a new HyperPad fan,

  • @donni_didit Did you move the object to another layer? To the right of the screen you can see your layers, go through them and try to select your object in each layer. You could also have turned on the Pan tool (where you can only drag the screen around but not select objects), look to the left for that. I don't know of any maximum asset size and don't think there is one, if there is I have never reached it and I'm pretty sure some of my project have a lot of pictures.

  • Hi Aidan,


    When I went in to it today it was all working as it should... does the app glitch out now and then? Was so odd!

    Thankyou again for your response!

  • @donni_didit I don't think I've heard of a bug like this, you were probably in pan mode (the picture of the hand in the toolbox on the left side of the screen), but I guess it's possible it's a bug...

  • @Jack8680 yeah I doubt it was a but, you probably changed your tool or moved to a different layer, and when you restarted hyperPad it all went back to the default layer and tool.

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