I broke my game with 'preload scene'?

  • G'day g'day,

    Hmmm... working on an interactive book. When I swiped to a page with an interactive element (click object and another object also appears in the scene) this extra element would flash briefly as the page loaded so I thought I would be clever and click the 'preload scene' just for each of these pages. So now I get black pages everywhere in the editor and the book. I went in and changed all the 'preload scene' pages to NOT and nothing has changed - and I have double checked I returned all to their previous state... any tips?

    I seem to learn best by making assumptions and hence mistakes sometimes (a lot).... rather painful and you guys are wearing it.... boo hoo.... I hope someone can save my sanity.... (what's left of it, bwahaha)

    a slightly manic,

  • OK... why would it do this? I closed out of hyperPad, went back in, posted on the forum, closed out of hyperPad and now I have just gone back in, it is working???

  • @donni_didit probably a visual bug. Make sure you make backups and hope it's fixed

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