In-app purchases

  • Is there a way to do in-app purchases within HP? I'm thinking of making one level of my app free and then additional levels require purchase.

  • Think they have to be done with Xcode, but you can at least make the event that happens after you buy the in app purchase.

  • @This it isn't directly possible in hyperpad yet, but if you have a server you might be able to by coding your own in app purchase, sending a HTTP request when the purchase is confirmed, and then in hyperPad use another HTTP request to check whether it has been purchased. Maybe there is a way by modifying one of the save values, but that depends on how hyperPad saves values. Eventually hyperPad plans to have an execute code behaviour that lets you interact with it more so you would be able to run code for an in app purchase, but they also have a system specifically for in app purchases planned I think, but I don't think either of those are coming for a while according to the roadmap.

  • Alas, I think this is beyond my meager capabilities. I'll wait around until there's something specific within HP. Thanks!

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