Universal app?

  • I just released my app on iPad. I was in such a rush when I was making it, that I didn't think to address the aspect ratio differences for iPhone. I see that I can use zoom and move screen behaviors to make what I've already made fit for iPhone ratio, but then it doesn't look good for iPad ratio. Is there a way to have the app detect what device it's being played in and then execute the screen behaviors as needed thanks!

  • @This the get screen behaviour lets you get information such as aspect ratio and screen height. Here's an example I made a while back: http://bit.ly/2pPFQug
    If you go into edit mode, you can change the aspect ratio and restart the scene or tap the label. I used some behaviours to move options relative to certain parts of the screen. For example, the hearts at the top of the screen are the same distance apart from each other and the top of the screen in every aspect ratio, because I used the tags to set their horizontal positions relative to the centre, and their vertical positions relative to the top of the screen. The behaviours are in global.

    You can also set objects to relative positions without needing behaviours using the percentage symbol next to their position. For example, setting them to 50% will put them in the middle. It can work pretty well, but if you want to, for example have an object that is always 1m from the side of the screen, you'd have to use behaviours, or mess with the anchors.

  • Thank so much! I'm going to explore all of your ideas.

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