Question about Music and using it in projects

  • So I'm trying to add some music into my game, but the thing is, I don't exactly know how to download the music and import it into my game.

    While I do know that one method of accomplishing this is to download the music via a computer, then import it onto a device, and then import the music from the device to hyperPad, I'm looking for a faster method that can accomplish the same thing without the need of a computer.

    For instance, if I wanted to maybe import some music from Incompetech, which would seem like a prime example of Royalty-Free music, I'd have to download it first. If anything, would there be an easy way to get it imported into hyperPad, other than using a computer? Another thing to take into account is, what if some people don't use Dropbox? Personally, I don't have a Dropbox account (I completely forgot I could even use that...).

    And another thing, Deflemask. I've been working a little with Deflemask, and now I'm a little interested in how importing music from Deflemask to hyperPad works. Sure, the PC method works, but wouldn't it just be easier to import it to Dropbox? Or are there many other methods for that?

    Feel free to read through and let me know what you think would be some good methods for importing music into hyperPad.

  • @CubeRoot06 safari tries to automatically play music files, but if you get a downloader app, you can copy the URL and download it through that, then you should be able to open the file in hyperPad. I think the app Feem should allow you to transfer files from your computer to your iPad and so open them in hyperpad, but I'm not 100% sure if it's possible with the free version.

  • File master is what I use....

  • @Jack8680 Using a downloader app, I had tried to copy the URL of what I wanted to download, but I don't think it seemed to work. Any suggestions for downloader apps I should use for that?

  • I sometimes download stuff using puffin

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