• Well time has come to finally announce my game. Well for starters here’s the teaser trailer:

    If you want to know a short story of Switch please read the description of the video. Well if you have any questions please ask in the comment section of hyperPad or the video itself.

  • @DGames135 Looks really cool!

  • I feel like the trailer is disappointing. I think it didn't show the game in a good way and rather is a more waterver way. It looks like I didn't care when making it and when looking back I feel like I didn't care. I don't really know how to fix the bad game reveal but for starters here's a list of what I think made the trailer come out wrong:
    -I was recording with the ios 11 screen recorder which is a bit buggy and doesn't record truly 60fps
    -My editing app only supports 30fps video so it kinda lowered down the quality
    -I used an iPad Air and although it's still a good enough iPad I was one of those dumb people who updated to ios 11 on their main device which made the process a bit harder
    -I kinda rushed the trailer. I mostly mean that the game isn't polished or finished enough so I can actually make a trailer out of it.
    -My music and sfx aren't that professional. I mean that they randomly pop up and aren't that good sounding, like you don't really get that feeling when listening to it
    -It wasn't planned. The trailer just doesn't show the pieces of what I imagined it to be and just some moving graphics with some text.
    -No actual gameplay was shown. Yes exactly... no gameplay was shown and they were some quick cutscenes which even not myself knkws if they will be in the game.
    So since I can't travel back in time and yes I tried and if you don't believe me Look!!(Magical sound effects) So since I can't travel back in time and yes I tried The only thing I can do is well redo the trailer and try to avoid those mistakes. I know you may think that there will still be lag in the trailer but SURPRISE!! I'm getting a new iPad so the trailer will be done on that one. I say the trailer will probably come in like 2 weeks but I can't guarantee because the iPad might arrive later or developing problems.

    Now to why I care so much about this. Switch is a project that was supposed to start me off and actually be a good original game and different to my past failures (I'm looking at you mad bouncer). It was supposed to be something that people actually enjoy and want to replay or just be exited for a new chapter. Thing is that Switch is actually something different from my past games and the trailer just doesn't show that. It shows that it's just a character and some trees and a owl (OMG WOW SO AMAZING!!!! Not) but it's not. It's a whole lot of graphics and that's just chapter 1 and please don't think of mad bouncers too big graphics cause now I actually have graphics that an iPad can support without crashing. Well that's for reading if you got this far. I hope you'll enjoy the next trailer when it will come out and sorry for the disappointment that I showed some days ago.

  • @DGames135 I'm more looking forward to it's release to the hub so I can play comment and give feedback. 🙂

  • Well for starters I’m not dead but I feel after such a time of inactivity I should at least give some updates on the games progress.
    So to start with the bad news on my current iPad (yes I still didn’t get a new one but hopefully next week will be the time) I’ve abused my graphics app soooooo much that it’s literally unusable meaning when I try to even draw a line BOOM it crashes so this means that I can’t even make progress in the game. As a workaround I tried to do as much as I can with the current graphics I have and it worked well till I actually need new graphics to progress. Since I can’t do this anymore my time was mostly spent playing video games (I’ve mostly done this for like a month)

    Now for the expectable questions that I answered:
    I tried to find a new graphics app but for some reason I can’t work with them (I just have to be so complicated)
    About the new iPad situation. Can’t talk about it. Sorry personal stuff but I think I will get it next week
    And if any will wonder about the trailer. It’s complicated

    Well I hope this short update was quite informative

  • Wow! Big project! My respect for such a patience. I know it is hard. Wish you good luck with solving your problems. Also maybe I can recommend you some apps, like, YouDoodle apps, Sketch Club, Assembly. If this doesn't help, we have a topic on forum where users post apps that may help with developing, try to search there. Good luck again :-)

  • @Andrey-Ghost thanks for the app suggestions (I really appreciate it) but I’ve tried 2 of them already. SketchClub is cool and stuff but it isn’t really for graphic design (At least in my opinion) and thing is that the way the backgrounds are handled is building them in the editor so every scenary feels different but also in the same area as things change a lot in some levels ( believe me you will see ). And for assembly I do use it sometimes (mostly for background) but my graphics problem is not just one asset missing or something. It’s actually animations cause in this big project of mine I won’t just do boring text dialogue on a empty screen. NO! I will do animated cutscenes with the usual text boxes. I do wish voice acting could be a thing but I decided not to. Back to the topic I can’t animate using assembly. I will try YouDoodle to seee if it’s good.

    On a side note about the trailer. I decided that till more of the game will be developed that’s when I will redo the trailer. Consider the current one as more of a teaser rather than a game showcase.

  • Ink Animator by Ivens Crisostomo

    Animation Pro by Stephen Keen

    Best animation apps

  • So I’ve finally got a new ipad (well last week but whatever) and this is like a update about game progress. So my animation app still does not work for some reason but whatever as I found alternatives for graphics only. For now I can manage but there’s still one thing.
    My problem now is music cause I don’t really know how to make it. I’m like a clam throwing some beats on a screen

    Yeah that’s kinda me. I tried but the music I made does not fit where I want it to. It just feels like the game looks better without it. The thing I need help now is if anyone knows any website or app that has royalty free music or just music that the author wants credit for. The game will have credits so I don’t mind giving credits

  • Eric Matyas has got some awesome stuff to pick from!

  • Well I guess I should say this before I annoy some people. Switch is the type of game that takes heavy use of particles and some awesome effects. Now that's because I want to make the game better and it may seem like it will run like meh on older devices but believe it or not it doesn't. In cutscenes on a iPad Air (1st gen) it flies in between 27 and 30 fps but still looks sharp with like 10 particle effects on screen and in gameplay it runs at 60fps with rarely a frame drop to 59 but it doesn't last long at all (not even a second).
    Well of course that on a iPad Pro (2nd gen) it runs awesome but even with that monster of a processor it still fried my hand. Now jokes aside it's something normal for switch.
    Another test that I want to do is on a older iPad from the Air series. Awesomely I have an iPad (I don't know if it's the 4th gen or the 3rd gen) and with that in mind I will do the test soon.

    Now to some awesome news.
    Next week I think switch might hit a beta state and no the game is not done but with the progress I have I would like to ask some people to test the game and tell me about it. I won't post the link to HyperPad forum because I don't want to spoil the game for the people that just want to wait for the full thing so I will send it through email. If you would like to volunteer to test the game you can contact me on the chat of the forum with your email or just comment on this page. Although I'm sorry to say that not everyone will be chosen to beta test. Only like 2-4 peope will be chosen to beta test.

    On a last thought I can't guarantee that the beta will happen next week because I might not think that the game is ready for beta (It's my first big project so I want to get it right ) or might not finish for beta.

    Well if you read this whole thing thanks for your patience

  • I love seeing big projects on hyperPad! Definetely would like to take part.
    E-mail: hyperpadgho5t@gmail.com (it's my hyperPad mail so everybody who wishes to contact me about hyperPad stuff - go on)
    My device is iPad Air 1st gen.
    It's your decision to add me to beta or not, I won't be upset if you won't. But I just feel so happy when I play massive project made with hyperPad.. Anyway, I check my e-mail pretty rarely so if you want to info me write it on forums first. Good luck with further development and beta test!

  • I’ve always believed that in a game the player should be abke to connect with the character in game or at least feel the same things. In switch I’ve adapted a rpg text box style (you know character pic on the left and dialogue on the right) but that’s because I couldn’t do voice acting for the game ( for obvious reasons) and I’ve never liked the idea of the charcter to have the same blank expression just like most rpgs so instead I’ve decided to make a emotion system where the character icon changes to accommodate the feelings of the actual character. So I’ve created 4 emotion textures that actually worked till they actually got blank meaning they got too overused so for the following days I’ve created 10 more emotions but before I need to explain something. In game the playable character animations don’t actually have eyes or well... any facial features but that’s because animating factial features on the side is hard but I can actually make a frame showing emotion. This all means that the first 4 created didn’t have eyes or mouths but just little symbols ablove it’s head to symbolise the emotion but now I said “screw that” and added facial features only on icon which conviently worked just fine. I mean just look at them before and after.
    Red(old ones) Blue(new ones)
    Just look at the differences
    Yes they’re amazing and just to let you people behind a screen to know more will come but that’s for later (muhahaha)
    Ok done have a great day
    No wait how do I do a signature?

  • @DGames135 You make a signature by going to your profile. My signature is amazing.

  • @DGames135 those are some cool sprites!

  • @BraydenApps Heh thanks :)

  • Well I must admit... Over the past 3 weeks I’ve done nothing for game development and reason for it is literally something that everyone deals with at one point or another... SCHOOL! (Insert dramatic music). This year things are just shoved in my face and well it’s the last year so everyone knows how that’s going. Aside from that since yesterday I’ve had time to develop again and I will have time now so development will still be going on. Since I feel bad for this I’ve decided to show a sneak peak of something in switch


    Now! You speculate on what this could mean and I just need to say... Sorry for delaying the game so much.

  • @DGames135 I have the same problem kind of. The main reason I’ve been so inactive in hyperPad not working on Meteor etc is university.

  • Well I have something special to show and I couldn’t find a better way of telling rather than a youtube video.

    So if you want to know more about this here’s the YouTube description of this video:

    So more to know about this. Well there will be options in the game about graphics. This means disabling particles and the backdrops. Yes I know that the backdrops are just images but they are very high quality.
    Thanks to the supporters of this game and the awesome HyperPad community which is always there to help. It’s nice that people understand the problems troubleshooting Switch but I still want to get this game done.
    Now about the release date of Switch. I hope to release it on the first of January 2018 though I can’t make any promises.
    Again thanks for following the development of switch.

    Ok now if I’m done with the description of the video yoy may want to know why would I do this? Well I always wanted Switch to have beautiful environments and graphics but due to limitations of some iPads processors this may not happen. Now that iPads have way more powerful processor this is possible but it’s worth considering what about users with older iPads that can’t run the game. That’s why these settings are in place to remove the lag that might happen from so much happening on screen. Well I do hope this was interesting and please tell me what do you think of this. Also if there’s any questions you have just ask them in the comment section. Thanks for reading 🤗

    Oh almost forgot. Soon I’m starting a discord server for switch. I just need to figure out how it works 😂

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