Physics and Movement help Please!

  • Hi, I am trying to make a physics object of mine, move left while I tap a certain object. I want it to move left, but then when I let go, I want it to come to a complete stop. I have tried many different ways, but everytime I let go, the physics object just keeps moving.

    Also, I am trying to make this physics object continue bouncing the same height, but when it hits another object, it usually slides of and the height of its bounce lowers. If there is anyway to keep it bouncing up to the same height no matter what, then please let me know.

    [EDIT] The object is meant to be endlessly bouncing from the ground or any object it collides with

  • @Benstar I don't know whether I completely understood what you wanted, but here's an object that moves left while you touch it, stops when you stop touching it, and bounces. On angled slopes I think it always bounces at 45°:

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Jack8680 Thanks, it's working perfectly 👍

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