changing scenes

  • I can't seem to figure out how i trigger an event to move to the next scene if my score is equal to what i want it to be. What am i doing wrong? ! both of these photos (empty object)0_1502679557466_imageedit_1_2731527917.jpg are under the scene layer, should it be the global instead0_1502679604903_imageedit_3_4823028687.jpg

  • The way you have it right now, that if behaviour will only activate once when that object spawns (which is probably just the instant your game starts). You need something sitting above the If behaviour, like either every event that actually changes the score, or just stick a timer at the top of it.

  • Also you can make screenshot by touching 'Home' button and on/off button at the same time.

  • @ackov77 alternatively, every time you change the score, have an execute behaviour with the "if" behaviour selected.

  • O.k., and where should this be placed in my level? As an "Empty" item attached to the scene? Under the "score"?

  • @ackov77 Wherever you want, wherever it is easier to get the 'score' value.

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