Character Movement

  • Hi everyone,
    This is my first time attempting a side scroller, so a lot of you may already know the answer to this question. How can I move my character side to side when I press a button, instead of using a joystick?

  • Hello, @Evolution
    I know 2 ways: using velocity and using timers+move by
    My velocity behaviors had a bug when character stops if you touched 2 buttons at same time and then released only one, but this can be easily fixed with «Behaviors on/off»
    Simply timer and move by.. Behaviors on/off required for proper work without any glitches.
    P.S. It's hard to see behavior off connections on this screenshot (sorry, my butterfingers), but it's simple: turn off right timer when character moves left and turn off left timer when character moves right.
    I can send the project by e-mail if ya want.
    Hope this helps! :-)

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