Rotate Screen has bugs

  • This might be a "feature".

    When rotate camera is used, SOME (not all) of the coordinate spaces are changing for objects. I don't believe this should happen.

    Rotating the screen should be like rotating a camera, wherein the scene space, world space and object spaces remain in their original orientation, regardless of camera (screen) rotation.

    This is particularly true if any duration is used for the animation effect of rotating the screen as any changes to world, object and scene space completely screw up during this animation of the screen rotation.

  • @Deeeds I’m gonna go test that now.

  • @Deeeds I don’t know what you mean by this. I just tested having a label on a scene, constantly getting its position and setting its own text display to its x or y position, then I rotated the screen and it’s x and y position stayed exactly the same. EDIT: I forgot about the animation part of what you said, sorry.

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