"Add to Score", how to reset the score?

  • The Health bars have lots of functionality, but scoring is super simplistic, only up...

    Is there a way to reduce the score to zero, easily, on given events?

    What about "getting the score"? How is that done?

  • @Deeeds Use the Set label behaviour to set the score label to zero. Also to reduce score, just add -1 to the existing score. To get score, simply use Get Label.

  • @Aidan-Oxley DOH!

    I was hoping the Score was some kind of variable I could use. Not just a label. I guess a label is a variable, though. Of sorts.

  • @Deeeds You can make hidden variables. Under the Object tab look for Set and Get Attribute. (Also I usually don’t use Add to Score, I usually do it the long way by adding to the previous value which is stored in a box container).

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