"While Moving..." Behaviour seemingly not working

  • I've tried initiating it, associating it with exactly its self, using timers to make it work and every other way I can think of to get this thing to work as I'd expect it too, as a While loop, whilst the selected object is moving.

    But it never seems to trigger once, let along go through a loop whilst the selected object is continuing to move.

    Is this a bug? Or am I simply not understanding how to get this thing to start firing?

  • Yeah, I have that bug too, sometimes.

  • I would guess that moving an object on a timer with this behaviour would not work (since really, the object is teleporting every 60th of a second according to hyperPad). I haven’t used this behaviour before, but I would guess what it really means is while the object is moving due to the physics engine, it has a physics velocity. It could possibly activate when you move the object with a duration. You should mess around with the behaviour and see what activates it. I think I’ll do the same.

  • @Deeeds like Aidan says, I think while moving is meant for the physics engine (if x and y velocities are both not zero), like while falling (if y velocity is less than zero). It should activate 60 times/second while that physics behaviour is running. It could be a bug though, I've hardly ever used it.

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