Import sounds without Dropbox: HOW?

  • I've been emailing myself, from Mac to iPad, to send graphics to myself, and then saving them to the photo library and importing them into hyperPad.

    Yes, I know this is ridiculous. But I don't use Dropbox, and won't. Ever.

    If you know a better way, I'm all ears.

    On Sounds:
    Emailing myself .wav files and then saving them into Apple Music means they disappear to who knows where. There's no warning that they're not in there. Apple Music isn't nearly as useful as iTunes was, and that was horrible. They simply disappear, not saved into Apple Music, not accessible, not discoverable, not there.

    Which doesn't really matter because hyperPad doesn't try to access Apple Music, it's looking into what used to iTunes.

    This is iOS 11. So there is no "iTUNES" in the former sense. It's only a shop. There's no local storage.

    Anyone know a way around all this that DOES NOT INVOLVE dropbox?

  • @Deeeds why not use iCloud?

  • @iTap-Development I'd love to. Especially now that there's a "Finder" in iOS.

    But how? hyperPad doesn't seem to know anything about iCloud.

  • @Deeeds all you would have to do is have your project open in Hyperpad, and go to the files app and open an asset in Hyperpad. I think that should work.

    But for images, can’t you just save them to your photos on Mac and use them on iPad? It works for me.

  • @iTap-Development Wow. that works!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  • @Deeeds great!

  • EDIT: for some reason all the replies didn’t show up until after I submitted this reply. @Deeeds iOS 11 added that new Files app. If the sound file is stored somewhere on your iPad it will show up somewhere in the Files app. Find it, use select on it then share, if it’s compatible with hyperPad you should be able to open it in hyperPad.

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