Shoot: Emitter Position = Broken

  • Doesn't respond to changes in values. And is in different positions on different objects. Some objects it's bottom left, others it's central.

    Regardless, changing values of the Emitter Position make no changes to the Emitter Position.

  • EDIT: Just checked it out. Yep pretty sure it is broken, so some update must’ve broken it. I haven’t worked with bullets since they were in metres though lol.

    @Deeeds You changing it with behaviours or using the editor? If using behaviours, try use the Restart Behaviour option (assuming you’re changing with set input field).

    I worked with bullets a while ago, so unless an update broke them I’m pretty sure they work properly, unless you change the graphic of the object that shoots to something with different resolution, then it might get messed up. I’m pretty sure it’s not relative to the object size at all, I think it’s metres from the bottom left corner of the object.

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