Set Color: Changing Opacity Values is Expensive

  • An object of about the attached size, with a colour blend applied to it:


    Then have it change with a Set Color of 0 duration to:


    And then use any animation you like within another Set Color for a couple of seconds to fade back to:


    Have 5 of these about 1/3rd of a screen apart, on a ground. Get a ball, roll over them to activate them, one by one.

    Now watch the ball stutter every now and then, not everytime, but way more than 1 in 10 activations, as it activates this simple change to these things.

    I don't know if you have any tooling, @Hamed, for profiling these types of rendering changes, but this seems oddly very expensive to me for something that is a very simple change.

    Doesn't matter if using linear or exponential or any other form of animation. You can even turn that off, and just do an instant swap between color states. It still does it.

    It's not the physics contact, I've turned off this Set Color and activated particles and other more complex things with the same physics rig without these stutters.

    It is the Set Color activity that's causing the stutters.


  • I've done some more testing. This could be caused by screen pop-in. Whatever you're doing with objects not onscreen before then putting them on screen during scrolling, that could be causing this.

  • Yes, 100%, this is caused by screen pop-in during scrolling.

    Something isn't efficient in that system.

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