Upgrade to Dev: Crashes on Re-opening iPad.

  • One of the benefits of subscribing to the upgraded premium, pro, 1st class, upper deck, silver service, full tour, bells and whistles, world bank edition is that it crashes each time I first try to reopen it whenever I reopen the iPad from it having gone to sleep.

    I say "benefit" because this is probably flushing the RAM for me before I knuckle down for another session of monkey see, monkey do.

  • HyperPad for me probably crashes like 50 times a week. (Every time hyperPad hasn’t been used for a while, and I try to open it, it’ll crash once).

  • @Aidan-Oxley This is one peculiarly odd difference we have. Until now I've seen very few crashes.

    This is now constant. Every single time I reopen the iPad... and then reopen hyperPad. CRASH. Back to projects page.

    Not comforting.

    Worried about losing my fragile workarounds and dodgy sidesteps.

  • @Deeeds Same for me...also when I load the forum page it can crash two or three times every time I go on.

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