Teleporting Parallax: HOW?

  • I've got a tonne of parallax layers.

    I'm addicted.

    They're mostly great big slabs of weird little glitchy, technotronic looking grids and digital cruft.

    To make them appear to parallax I move them at a rate invert to the camera by multiplying their X position (camera only goes left/right at this stage) with small numbers like 1.2 or 1.125 for depth effects. It works. A little.

    However, at the end of each level there is no end, the player is teleported back to a seamless start. An infinite world. At this point the parallax illusion is shattered because I have no idea how to reposition the parallax sheets correctly in response to this "round the world" hack of teleportation.

    Any suggestions welcome. I'm flummoxed. As usual.

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