Best way to start one sound, again and again?

  • Imagine a scenario where a sound needs to be played very frequently, but polyphony isn't desirable or necessary.

    In other words, I don't mind if each play of the sound kills the last playing version of the sound.

    In fact, that's what I want.

    Can I do this? How?

  • @Deeeds Put the sound under a timer. Every time the sound plays again, the previous will stop. To make sounds stack, it has to be a separate play sound behaviour (easily done using spawn object).

  • @Aidan-Oxley The sounds are playing as a result of a game incident. So a timer will only get in the way. They must play the moment the player interacts with the element, but they often roll over many of them, in rapid succession.

  • @Deeeds Ok, have just 1 of the Play Sound behaviour (turned off) in any object in your scene that you know will never get destroyed or disabled. Whenever the player interacts with that element, use Behaviour On with the Play Sound behaviour selected.

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