FPS Readout isn't accurate.

  • When it shows 40fps, the truth is half of this.

    If you can't see this with your eyes or aren't otherwise familiar with how different frame rates look, you can verify this with a quicktime recording of the iPad screen done on a Mac. This will show you both the average speed (in the Command + I shortcut) and you can step through any section of the video imported into Premiere (or AE) and look at how frames last for what comes to 20fps (and slower) in terms of updates whilst the 40fps is showing in the fps stats.

  • A lot of screen recorders record in half frame rate. Can you verify this isn’t the case?

  • @Thecheater887 Yes. One of the methods I used to confirm this in the above original post.

    I don't know of (or use) anything that captures at half frame rates.

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