I can’t quite get this simple code snippet to work...

  • So, let me explain this image.

    MoveTo (Loop) goes through a populated tag on objects.
    GetID and GetGroup (Get Attribute) collect data from the selected object.
    The two Ifs verify that the selected object’s data matches a successfully selected object from the same tag previously.
    If the verification succeeds, the Loop collects a parcel of data from the host object, and the host object is instructed to move to the selected object at (data) speed.

    Problem? The object never moves.

    I’m attempting to identify the issue, but nothing I’ve tried thus far seems to help.

    The Code

    Update: the issue lies within Move To Object, it appears the Loop does not retain the selected item if the tag in the Loop is not accessed in every consequent behavior without breaking the chain.

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