Anchor Snapping Broken

  • To see for yourself.

    Rotate a rectangular shape by any non 90 degree factor (eg 45 degrees)

    Now turn on snapping and attempt to move the anchor point to a grid point.

    Watch in amazement as the anchor point demonstrates having a mind of its own.

  • @Deeeds it looks like the anchor is snapping to a grid that is relative to the object, not to the shown grid.

  • @Deeeds I feel like while I have grid snap on, my anchor point already has a mind of its own. Also, I see my anchor snap to the grid, but the x and y values stay where I let my finger go. Yep I think I’ll just stick to entering anchor values manually.

  • @Aidan-Oxley I just tested some more. As I said before, It seems that the anchor snaps to a grid that is relative to the object. Consequently, if the object isn’t scaled to the grid, the grid that the anchor snaps to isn’t the same size as the shown grid.
    So the grid that the anchor is snapping to rotates with the object. And the grid size is 50% of the objects scale. So if the object is scaled to 100% X and 200% Y, the grid size will be 50% X and 100% Y.
    So the grid isn’t actually in meters.

    This is what I’m seeing. Maybe I’m totally wrong🤷‍♂️🤣

  • Oh, one other thing I noticed is that the anchor input fields get set to the that last position you touched, even though the anchor snaps to the grid. But if you deselect the object, and then reselect, they show the correct position.

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