Can't Select Last Tag: once list needs to scroll

  • Just as per the title. Once the number of tags being used is long enough to scroll, that bottom one, a new one that's both the last and the list and the newest added to the list, is not selectable.

    It's successfully been added to the object it was created within and upon, but when trying to assign it to other objects, it can't be selected.

  • I've just added another new tag:


    So it goes right at the bottom. Now the second to bottom is selectable and assignable.

    But I can't unselect the Zzzz tag that's sitting at the bottom.

    I don't need to unselect it, but this is also a bug.

  • This is an issue that’s been in the app for eons, and I’ve reported on a few times.

    Affects anything that scrolls and selects.

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