Rotational Paradox(?)

  • Why does Work, if

    1), it doesn’t use radians, and
    SO’s explanation of XY Rotation

    Or am I just worse at math than I thought?

    I’m trying to replicate what I see in the provided project in a blank sandbox on my computer, and have been unsuccessful thus far in both the suggested, and provided ways.

  • @Thecheater887 Because hyperPad is weird with its angles. In that screenshot (and most cases), directly to the right is 0° and going counter clockwise increases the angle. In hyperPad, 0° is going up and rotation clockwise is positive. You’ll have to somehow compensate for that, which confuses me for a while every t8me I try to do it.

  • I just add 90 to whatever I’m doing, but that wasn’t the issue I was worried about here.

  • @Thecheater887 Oh I see what you’re doing. As long as the angle units (degrees vs radians) is the same as the units the sine and cosine use, it’ll work (hyperPad works in degrees, so if your angle was in radians it wouldn’t work).

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