Can’t use random values for spawned objects and other issues

  • Okay so Im having 2 issues with a game I’m trying to make at the ment.
    Issue one is that I want to make so an object (the fire hydrant) spawn and be given a random velocity that also slowly increases so the difficulty inreases. I would also like the delay for it to be spawned to be random but it seems that whatever I do I can’t this to work so if anybody knows how to get it to work I would really appreciate it.

    The other issue I’m having is that when I try to control the fire hydrant from another object (setting it’s movement) it seems to completely ignore it and do nothing so I would also appreciate any help with this issue.

    Here are some images of what I’m talking about.

    alt text
    ![alt text](

  • @thedarkorbit
    This was meant to be another image on th first post but it wasn’t working
    alt text

  • @thedarkorbit Your other object can't select the fire hydrant because that's a different version of the hydrant (it wants to target the original, not the spawned one. You might have to get the hydrant to set it's own speed.

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