Math: bitwise opperands

  • It would be very nice if there would be an addition made to the Math actions with bitwise operands. This would allow for instance the use of integers as a set of flags. I often use this to store all information of an object in a single integer/short (makes file size smaller and checking flags.

    9 = 00001001 = two flags checked
    8 = xxxx1xxx => could say that the tile is active, as opposed to 0 inactive
    1= xxxxxxx1 => could mean the tile is accessable, as opposed to 0 it is inaccessable.

    In my current game being developed, the entire game level data would be stored in just 25 integers, if I made it this way. Not using flags like this I will need about 5 times the amount, and much more logic. :-) The alternative works, but having this would be awsome!


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