Particle creator improvements

  • I have three suggestions for the particle creation screen which could greatly improve our ability to create good looking particles:

    1. An option for exact number inputs, I can’t ever get those sliders to go to the exact value I want, so this would be great

    2. An option to preview your particles next to your level would greatly benefit me because when I create particles I have no way to get an idea of how big they will actually be in game. Currently we have to save the particle and manually test it out which is time consuming

    3. An option for particles to have collisions and behaviors. This would probably not work well with high amounts of particles, but in some cases people may want their particles to interact with objects (for example, a particle might splatter upon hitting the floor) or simply not fall through the level. Although this can be done with normal game objects it would be useful to have the customizability.

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