WIP: Angels, Overlords, Demons

  • This game is a work in progress. It just started, but I would like to keep this thread updated to keep me motivated.

    If I don't post an update for about a week maximum, harass me a bit in a reply for an update, and don't let me give excuses!

    alt text

    Again, this is a work in progress, so this looks and works nothing like the final product.

    On a side note, I wouldn't mind a sound effect, 3D Graphic artist, and assistant programmer to help me. Should it make it to the App Store ((as intended)), a profit split will be imminent. When the server side starts going up, I will need someone to help me with server-client relations, making sure they a properly functioning.

    Features intended to be added:

    • Three realms, three sides.
    • Open world map ((maybe))
    • Factions, faction HQs, Faction HQ bonuses, and Faction Attacks
    • 45+ different troop types
    • Amazing effects
    • Heroes, captures, executes, bonuses, and revenges. ((Likely))
    • Large scale solo attacking, and all out faction wars
    • others. Will change, and don't want to give everything away.

    Unfortunately, this project will take a while, and because it will be all online, it will not be available on the hub. What I hope to do, when it is done, make a "redirect app" to put on the hub. Download it, it redirects you to an HTTP URL, open the game, and gives you a one time in-game item and currency bonus for being a hyperPad user.

    In the meantime, I may publish non-transferring tests to the hub, providing it is in working shape, to make sure everything, well, works.

    Sorry for the block of text, thanks for reading!

    Also, if this isn't formatted properly, or something else, feel free to fix it and whatever else needs done :)

  • @Thecheater887 why can't it be on the hub? Are you not using Hyperpad? If you are using Hyperpad,I may be interested in working with you. I do have some 3D tools, but I would mostly like programming. I do have other questions to ask if you want my help, but since you said you don't want to give everything away you can iMessage me at itapdevelopment@icloud.com.
    If you wanted my screen scrolling example for this game, I could add it to it for you!

  • Because hub games have the pause menu that freezes the game, and in early BETAs, that's alright as progress won't carry over. Additionally, it will have iAPs.

    At first, my server won't be able to handle freezedata very well, and that's a massive gap for cheating, too.

    I am building it in hyperPad, yes, and I can use all the help I can get :D

  • @Thecheater887 what do you mean by freeze data? How can people cheat?

  • It's more noticeable in games like Call of Duty, but can affect all games.

    For instance, if the host of the game "cheatlags", everyone else sees "connection interrupted", but he is still going around killing people.

    How he does this, is he prevents specific data from being both sent, and received. For instance, he removes all data that tell his game he has been shot, and all data saying enemy players have moved. At least if he is smart and has a lot of disposable tools.

    How most do it, is they have a program that on command, disconnects them from the internet briefly, stopping everyone else in place, they get the first shot, then resumes. This "freezes" data in place. On his game, it's waiting to be sent, and on the server, it has been sent, but it is in a void awaiting arrival.

    In games like clash of clans, when data is "frozen", it's because you accidentally closed the app, for instance. It stacks up the data it was trying to send, so when you reopen the app, you briefly appear as disconnected, and then are back to normal.

    This game is going to be all about real time combat, at least for the most part, so if they withhold or modify data, at first, either they will get disconnected, or more likely my server will crash.

    During that freeze, anything players do is recorded by the game, but not the server, so for instance, if they are trying an attack, and fail, they lose nothing, as they just kill the game and reopen it, whereas if they start to smoosh the enemy, they reconnect, and continue on as normal, recording the win.

    Sorry for the wall of text, that's just the most oversimplified way I can think of to 'splain (:

  • @Thecheater887 that make sense I think...I don't really know how all of that works is all.😁

  • @Thecheater887 so if you want me to work with you, what will I do? What is this game going to be like? If you want you can iMessage so we have notifications and can communicate faster. Itapdevelopment@icloud.com

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